Frenchic Tuff Top Coat


Extremely Durable

Eco Friendly

Flat Matte Finish\

500 mls.

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TC is a water based, heavy duty sealant with a flat matte finish. Robust, with increased heat resistance, it provides a very hard wearing, protective coating for kitchen cupboards, worktops, tables and wood floors as well as sealing porous vertical surfaces such as concrete, unglazed tiles and brickwork. Its environmentally friendly composition, ISO 11998 Class 1 Wet Scrub rating, EN71-3 compliance and no added VOCs, means it is perfect for children’s toys.

Use it to seal the Frenchic Original Artisan Range where a tough matte alternative to wax is desired or mix with our metallic Frensheens to add pizazz to your projects! Suitable for interior and exterior use.


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